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Q: Where are you based?

A: We are based in Miami, we cover areas from Key West to West Palm Beach, however we love to travel and would be happy to be a  part of your destination wedding. We love to work in different locations, meeting new people and exploring new places. 


Q: Who will be our main contact? 

A: Our sales and creative manager Carolina, would be happy to assist you and go through all the details about your Big Day. She is always available to answer any questions, schedule meetings, bookings, brainstorming creative ideas and making sure that your wedding day would be absolutely perfect and just the way you dream about!  



Q: How would you describe your style?

A:  Our wedding photography style is adaptive, combining elements of fine art, editorial, documentary and traditional wedding photography focusing on the present moment. Each wedding is unique, involving different venues, groups of people and so many special moments. We enjoy capturing candid moments to show true emotions and happiness. 


Q: Do you include digital images and print rights?

A: Yes! It’s a key company principle to make sure you are able to enjoy your photographs. We always deliver high-resolution and watermark free images with full prints rights. You will receive your photos through beautiful , private online gallery from where you will be able to download photos, order prints and share with your family and friends. 


Q: Can we meet?

A:  We would love to! Our business is build on trust, we love to meet our clients to go through all the necessary details. So If you're local, we would be glad to schedule a meeting and have a nice chat over coffee or check out your wedding venue together. If you are located a bit further, we can always connect by FaceTime or Skype. Either way, we would love to hear from you!


Q: Do you design wedding albums?

A: Yes! We design custom wedding albums. Our albums are unique and always show the brightest moments of your Big Day. We are excited to create amazing memories for you!


Q: How many weddings do you cover a day?

A: One, yours! We believe in magic of focus and provide you with top quality service on the wedding day, so 100% of our attention is on you. 


Q: How do you photograph outdoor weddings at night?

A:  Shooting at night can be tricky, but there is always a way to finesse the limited natural light and we will occasionally use a discreet wireless flash to assist with the low light situations. We would  be happy to show you our portfolio to help you decide what lighting option is best for you. 


Q: How early should we book?

A: Most of our clients book us 6 to 12 months before their wedding day, however we are open to your needs and last minute bookings!


Q: Do you back up our photos? 

A: Yes! We back up all your images on external hard drives and our cloud.


Q: How many photos do you deliver?

A:  On average we deliver 800+ images. The number of images we provide depends on how many hours do we cover on your wedding day and a number of photographers present. 


Q: What is your booking process? 

A: By signing the contract you will pay 50% of the final quote to save and schedule your wedding date. Julia will send you our contract by email with electronic signature request , which you can review and sign electronically. 


Q:  What is your delivery time? 

A:  We deliver a sneak peek teaser within fist 7 days and your full online gallery within 3-6 weeks after your wedding day. 


Q:  Are you insured? 


A: Yes! We do carry year-round liability and equipment insurance.


Q: What about videography? 


A: We have the most professional videographers on our team and we absolutely love to create beautiful and special wedding videos. Our videography packages include full wedding film, highlights video and a complimentary short video for social media. Please feel free to check our portfolio for ideas and inspirations!

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